MARC is comprised of some of the leading international, multi-lingual asset-protection experts, including some of the finest legal scholars in the field, renowned arbitrators and attorneys, bankers, accountants, forensic experts, legal and market analysts, public relations specialists, investigators and security professionals, and, of course, asset discovery and collection agents.

MARC’s services for the international investor save time and money, and offer the edge others cannot provide.

MARC’s combined know-how and vast experience works to your advantage. It gives you a complete set of legal, fiscal and practical tools, needed to defend your assets and interests.

After all, it was MARC’s CEO who scored one of the first ground- breaking victories under international law since the 1920s, against the Russian Federation. This high-profile arbitration dispute involved an expropriation action decreed by the President of the Russian Federation. That same dispute resulted in the first-ever successful collection of funds from the Russian Federation for a private party, and the sequestration and public auction of certain state-owned real estate held in two European countries.

Several MARC members contributed significantly to this success and have formed a winning, devoted and well- rehearsed professional team.